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2019 is beaming with the energy of creativity, love and adventure!!!

Do you feel it? 

Oh my goodness! I can barely handle this fresh feeling!!! Life can be entirely different now…. You get to choose this! You have that much POWER!!!

Are you ready to create a love that is going to last….. A love for yourself, A love you feel rising within and a love you share with the world?

If you said “Yes!” This is it! It is time!

Did you know, that all you have been waiting for, has been sitting within you, just waiting for your realization of it? It’s true!!! and no this isn’t too good to be true, it is just TRUTH!

You are a straight up force!

I absolutely LOVE to help people uncover and reconnect to their own unique perfection! There is nothing you cannot do, be or have.

In my coaching sessions, I have been able to support people while they heal years of pain, release intense limiting beliefs and also connect with the true magic of the universe.

It is incredible!

A new way of living, is easier than you think…

You can make amazing changes, by simple mindset and life perception shifts, on day ONE!

In fact, many of my clients, cannot believe how quickly things shift for them, when we start!

You ready to create movement in your life?

Let’s go!

During our time together, we will uncover energetic blocks in the way and allow new pathways to open, Creating a beautiful flow to abundance in all forms. Our focus will start in the heart and be for you know it, you will witness beautiful magic everywhere! There will be many discoveries during this time. Many of my clients express the awareness of their spiritual gifts, their ability to heal themselves and brand new creative energy, they didn’t even know existed within them!

Are there burning questions, you have about your life experiences and where you are headed? I can support this as well! Being an empath and intuitive, I can help you get clear about things, that are important to you!!!

 Come on over!

Each Session is 60 mins. long and completed through ZOOM video. So we will be face to face, babe!!!

The call is recorded and sent you after each call! (Download to keep forever)

You may space your sessions out, if you would like extra time to process, whatever works for you!

You will also, have access to email communication and FB messenger with me, during the week of the scheduled call, for extra support and guidance. I am with you, through your transformation!

If you are ready to step in and show up for you,

I am ready to stand with you!!!

Life is about to get next level!

Here are some love notes from my beautiful clients…..

“The first I had heard of Tara was through a friend that sent me a link to one of her Facebook live video courses. It literally wasn't even a full week later that i had scheduled and completed my phone consultation with her, made the commitment to myself, and paid the tuition IN FULL! I worked with Tara one on one through her 2 month "Life Coach/Spiritual Teaching" package.  I just KNEW i wanted to work with her. (Talk about divine messages and following your higher self and inspiration). That is exactly what i did, and I am so happy I did!

As i sit here trying to find the words that would adequately describe our time together I realized that yes, I could list out the MILLIONS of things I learned about myself, but I honestly don't feel that it would do it justice. What I hope DOES do it justice, is telling you this... The way Tara makes you feel around her, about yourself, about who you truly are, and about who you want to be is beyond what words can explain.  I still remember some of the very first words she said to me during our first session...."Michelle, one thing I want to tell you is that you are NEVER EVER too much....NEVER".  Life changing words for me, and our adventure only got better.  Tara is absolutely infectious! She is gregarious, loving, inspiring, beautiful, generous, kind, professional and beyond empowering.  I am so HONORED to have had the chance to work with her one on one.  What I will say, is that for as long as Tara is providing her guidance, whether through Facebook videos, online courses, groups, events, retreats, etc.... I will be at the top of the sign up sheet.  She is worth every bit of your investment....time and money.  She will change your life if you are willing to trust her and participate. I love every ounce of her soul and am lucky to have "bumped" into her on my path! If you are considering working with her DO IT! YOU WILL NEVER EVER REGRET IT!”

- Michelle B/D.

“As women, we go through thousands of deaths and rebirths. It's like we become thousands of different butterflies, and each time we emerge from the new cocoon we gain greater wisdom and understanding. This new insight brings us into better alignment with our soul.

On my journey from maiden to mother, I was guided to work with Tara to heal from experiences in my past. She was able to shed a loving light on the root causes of some of my thinking patterns that no longer served me. With her enlightenment, I was able to rewrite these traumatic stories. By releasing these heavy anchors that were buried deep inside my heart,  I am able to look back on my past with love. I now see these memories as beautiful learning experiences on my human journey.

Each week with Tara's spiritual coaching, I felt like I had become a new butterfly. As I opened my new set of wings a radiant love would pour into my heart. I emerged from Tara's coaching ready to embrace my journey towards motherhood with an open, loving heart.Tara has so many beautiful gifts to help women grow and heal. As we grow and heal, the people around us grow and heal. This healing creates an endless ripple effect of love that flows to everyone in need. I am beyond grateful for Tara and the healing she provides to our tribe of spiritual women. She is truly a gorgeous soul!”

-Lacey C.

“I can't tell you how much you have meant to me in my life and helped me learn where my anxiety was coming from and because of you I have been able to heal it! I encourage everyone to take as many classes/events they can from you! Your events helped me take control of my life and my heart! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out and to be willing to put your heart out there and heal is so so beautiful, and I can't express my gratefulness in words! Shine on my friend!!”

- Jennelle W.

“Tara Kelsey has been such an amazing and healing part of my life!  One of the best decisions I have made is meeting with her. She is so REAL and easy to talk to. She has helped me so much in my personal life and my spiritual life. I didn’t know what to expect but I felt that she would be the right person for me and she has really been a light and encouraging force for me. She listens to what I have to say and always has some great advice or message for me.  I have become much more confident in myself and what I do after having sessions with her.  She treats me like a real person and makes sure that you know she is just like the rest of us!  I can’t thank her enough for being a part of my life and I will be meeting with her in the future.  Whatever the subject matter she has helped me to see things through clearer eyes with a clear head and really figure out how to deal with things that seem impossible. Thank you Tara I am extremely grateful!!!”

-Jessica L.

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Please note: All Coaching Session. packages are 100% nonrefundable. Please contact tarakelseymail@gmail.com, with any questions.

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