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What my clients are saying about receiving spiritual life coaching


What my clients are saying...

The Universe brought me a gift. It was Tara. I wouldn’t come to know the enormity of this until several months after my introduction to her. One day, I made a comment in an empath class that I was taking from Tara and I got a random message —literally out of the blue —from her. I’m choking up thinking about it now because it was a message from my father. The question had existed within my heart for a very long time. And the answer would set me on a completely new path. I had been seeking this knowledge for 26 years and Tara’s part in my journey has unmistakably and rapidly moved me forward in the most amazing way. I have to say, my dad has impeccable taste when it comes to delivering divine messages! Thank you so much, Tara.

- Laura M.

I feel so fortunate to have experienced Mexico with some of The Soul Shine Sisterhood. The location was absolutely amazing! I felt so zen and open for miracles!!  All of the events we did were ones that I felt brought us together as a group AND closer to ourselves. Lots of personal growth happened on this retreat. Having never experienced such a trip, ever, I took a lot in and didn’t take any second for granted. The connections I made while there are priceless to me. I have made some truly heart centered friendships from our trip. My favorite part was getting face painted, sipping on cacao and dancing under the moonlight on the beach!!! Ahhhh!!! I’ll never be the same woman. 
Tara Kelsey is a leader who is authentic. A woman who has passion for sharing her experiences in life. I’m so grateful she does! If expansion and growth are what you’re looking for and you’re ready to do the work, I suggest you take one of her courses or attend an event. She has a way of explaining things that just click. I’m thankful for her and the group. Who knows where we’ll be years from now?! I do know we will be bolder, truer version of ourselves. 

- Kelley P.

I highly recommend Tara's coaching packages for everyone that wants to reach a goal or just feel better in living their life.  Due to her intuitive abilities, Tara quickly got to the real issues behind what was bothering me, much faster than any other coach I've worked with.  She brought so much love along with her guidance that even when she was delivering things that were hard to hear, it was done within an atmosphere of love and non judgment.  She was an amazing channel for divine guidance on all topics that were an issue for me - and there were a lot!  In fact, many times the topic that I thought was the issue was not the real cause of my problem and Tara immediately knew this and helped me through it.  Tara provided concrete action steps that I was able to implement to help me to reach my goals, but more importantly, Tara helped me to connect to Spirit.  She had a unique way of helping me open myself up to my own channels of divine guidance so that I now feel connected, guided and safe all the time.  She explained what messages from Spirt are and how to receive and interpret them.

I feel that getting a coaching package is ten thousand times more beneficial than getting a psychic reading.  First, because each coaching session is a reading in itself.  Since you are working with Tara over a period of time, she is able to provide a deeper and more detailed reading in each session.  Plus, she helps you to really get to know your spirit guides and angels.  Also, when you get a psychic reading it's an hour of insight and you feel elated and relieved afterwards, but that feeling wears off after a few days.  When you are receiving consistent coaching, the feeling does not wear off, it gets stronger and stronger.  Throughout the coaching time period, I was able to step more and more fully into peace and power.  My worry and anxiety were greatly lessened.  I was also able to drop my patterns of negativity and connect with my inner joy.  In essence, Tara teaches you how to get your own connection and read for yourself on a daily basis. I was also able to take concrete steps towards changing careers, which has been my goal for the last five years.  Working with Tara was the first time I was able to actually begin the process and make the change.  Words do not fully express the value that I feel that I received from working with Tara.  

- Scotti M.

I don't usually promote self development classes, but wanted to share the latest one I did.
I believe we are like layers of an onion, always more to peel back and explore, the fun, the trauma, our habits, our lacks, our love..
If you are willing, that is!

Tara's class "The Empath" made me realize that being an empath is a huge gift, not a hindrance, and during these 5 days, I became aware of viewpoints and ways of thinking that are much more loving and aligned to my true self..
I had so many a-ha moments, it felt liberation and, this may sound hokey pokey, but I feel like a found a missing piece of myself!!

- Mette B.

“You changed my world, my life for the better-soooo much better Tara! Your support, guidance, and non-judgment was and still is amazing.
I am forever grateful to you and all your help and teachings. You blessed my life in so many ways that I can’t even begin to count them all. I am so glad Spirit put you on my path! Love, love, love you so much!”

- Beth R.

The first I had heard of Tara was through a friend that sent me a link to one of her Facebook live video courses. It literally wasn't even a full week later that i had scheduled and completed my phone consultation with her, made the commitment to myself, and paid the tuition IN FULL! I worked with Tara one on one through her 2 month "Life Coach/Spiritual Teaching" package.  I just KNEW i wanted to work with her. (Talk about divine messages and following your higher self and inspiration). That is exactly what i did, and I am so happy I did!

As i sit here trying to find the words that would adequately describe our time together I realized that yes, I could list out the MILLIONS of things I learned about myself, but I honestly don't feel that it would do it justice. What I hope DOES do it justice, is telling you this... The way Tara makes you feel around her, about yourself, about who you truly are, and about who you want to be is beyond what words can explain.  I still remember some of the very first words she said to me during our first session...."Michelle, one thing I want to tell you is that you are NEVER EVER too much....NEVER".  Life changing words for me, and our adventure only got better.  Tara is absolutely infectious! She is gregarious, loving, inspiring, beautiful, generous, kind, professional and beyond empowering.  I am so HONORED to have had the chance to work with her one on one.  What I will say, is that for as long as Tara is providing her guidance, whether through Facebook videos, online courses, groups, events, retreats, etc.... I will be at the top of the sign up sheet.  She is worth every bit of your investment....time and money.  She will change your life if you are willing to trust her and participate. I love every ounce of her soul and am lucky to have "bumped" into her on my path! If you are considering working with her DO IT! YOU WILL NEVER EVER REGRET IT!

- Michelle B/D.

Tara Kelsey has been such an amazing and healing part of my life!  One of the best decisions I have made is meeting with her. She is so REAL and easy to talk to. She has helped me so much in my personal life and my spiritual life. I didn’t know what to expect but I felt that she would be the right person for me and she has really been a light and encouraging force for me. She listens to what I have to say and always has some great advice or message for me.  I have become much more confident in myself and what I do after having sessions with her.  She treats me like a real person and makes sure that you know she is just like the rest of us!  I can’t thank her enough for being a part of my life and I will be meeting with her in the future.  Whatever the subject matter she has helped me to see things through clearer eyes with a clear head and really figure out how to deal with things that seem impossible. Thank you Tara I am extremely grateful!!!

-Jessica L.

“I can't tell you how much you have meant to me in my life and helped me learn where my anxiety was coming from and because of you I have been able to heal it! I encourage everyone to take as many classes/events they can from you! Your events helped me take control of my life and my heart! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out and to be willing to put your heart out there and heal is so so beautiful, and I can't express my gratefulness in words! Shine on my friend!!”

- Jennelle W.

I recently participated in the Five Day Empath Event offered by Tara Kelsey. And whoa, so much information, live videos, exercises, and a special surprise.

If you have been told you are an empath or know you are, girl, this event is for you! And you are in luck because she is offering it again this month! (Starting February 25th). If you have been looking for a sign this is it! If you want to learn more about yourself in a safe place with like minded women, do yourself a favor and check it out.

This event provided me with insight into myself. It really aided me in embracing the empath side of me, and not viewing it as a negative thing. I learned countless ways to shift my energy and not feel responsible for other peoples energy. Through the exercises I had some real clarity about myself and the way I do things. (The best part about that is my ability to change and do things differently) This event has helped me to realize I can change it all, I can show up with love but still have boundaries. This event cracked so many parts of me open, to love and to grow. ♡

My favorite thing about this event with Tara is that she is authentic. Not only does she share her experiences with you, she actually does the work you are doing right along with you. How many "teachers" show up to do the work with you? Tara has a gift for delivering information, she is vulnerable and isn't afraid to show it. Not only does she provide incredible information, she gives you the tools necessary to grow in this experience. Tara is so full of love, helping you to embrace yourself, and show up in the world like the badass you are!

Check it out ladies.

- Megan K.

Tara is by far one to the most talented and gifted souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is so well rounded in utilizing her gifts and so in tune with the path to everyone’s greater good. She is the coach you’ve always needed and the cheerleader you’ve always wanted. Tara not only is incredible to work with spiritually but she is just a down right awesome soul. She has taught me through spirit message, through wisdom, through conversation, through homework tools, and most importantly through example. Her ability to connect to ones deepest soul and to assist you in bringing infinite light and love into your world is absolutely beautiful. I am beyond grateful to have met Tara and will forever be thankful for all that she has taught me and all the situations she has guided me through. Not only do I have the most amazing spiritual life coach but I have soul sister for life.

-Brittni C.

As women, we go through thousands of deaths and rebirths. It's like we become thousands of different butterflies, and each time we emerge from the new cocoon we gain greater wisdom and understanding. This new insight brings us into better alignment with our soul.

On my journey from maiden to mother, I was guided to work with Tara to heal from experiences in my past. She was able to shed a loving light on the root causes of some of my thinking patterns that no longer served me. With her enlightenment, I was able to rewrite these traumatic stories. By releasing these heavy anchors that were buried deep inside my heart,  I am able to look back on my past with love. I now see these memories as beautiful learning experiences on my human journey.

Each week with Tara's spiritual coaching, I felt like I had become a new butterfly. As I opened my new set of wings a radiant love would pour into my heart. I emerged from Tara's coaching ready to embrace my journey towards motherhood with an open, loving heart.Tara has so many beautiful gifts to help women grow and heal. As we grow and heal, the people around us grow and heal. This healing creates an endless ripple effect of love that flows to everyone in need. I am beyond grateful for Tara and the healing she provides to our tribe of spiritual women. She is truly a gorgeous soul!

-Lacey C.

Tara is absolutely amazing. I have had a reading from her as well as multiple learning sessions and I am completely blown away. She is incredibly sweet and so caring. With her help I've been doing things and experiencing things I did not think I was capable of! One great thing about working with Tara, is that it doesn't end when the session is over. She is always open to answer any questions I have about anything I may be struggling with or experiencing, and whenever I have a breakthrough she is just as excited about it as I am. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful woman and the amazing work she does!!

-Nicole P. 

My time spent with Tara was an absolute blessing! Our paths crossed at a very opportune time in my life. Her knowledge and understanding of the spiritual journey served as a guiding light on my path.  She validated the signs I was receiving from my spirit guides, provided clues to their meaning and ways for me to communicate with them through symbols. Tara provided additional information on guided meditation, areas of healing, and how to relax and trust the process. Tara is kind, loving and supportive. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to travel a little further down the road to spiritual enlightenment. 

- Valerie L. 

Tara and her unique gifts wrapped up in her spiritual life coaching arrived at a very precise time in my life.  Her skills in providing uplifting and highly encouraging support in helping me to see the truth of who I am, plus her ability to offer messages from Spirit were a very effective combination I hadn’t experienced before. With a great sense of humor, and kind, honest interactions, I felt her coaching sessions moved me in a direction I’ve been waiting to move in for a long time.  She was available and willing to help me when I had questions, and was always happy to simply hear what was going on as I changed and grew in a relatively short period of time.  Thank you Tara!

-Lisa W.

Tara's natural state of being is one of connectedness that provides guidance, insight, knowledge, and understanding. It is always at the ready and flows effortlessly. A simple conversation can become revelatory and profound in an instant. She is gifted in channeling info for you, but also in helping you to come to the info of your own accord. She is skilled in helping you achieve clarity and discerning how the puzzle in front of you - because let's be honest, that's the way spirit seems to communicate - is best approached and assembled. She also has a preternatural ability to champion and cheerlead you, your accomplishments, your breakthroughs, and your victories. These things are all invaluable on their own, but imagine with me now what it would be like if all of that natural energy and ability were fine-tuned and honed - through both practice and humble openness to spirit's education - and then focused specifically on you. It is powerful and life-changing, in ways both big and small, but certainly never expected. If these words are connecting with you, I would urge you to follow that intuition and connect with Tara. You will find yourself at the beginning of a beautiful, light and love filled journey. And you may just make one hell of a friend along the way. 

- Tarrah D.

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