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Cancer/ Capricorn Full Moon - 07/16/19



Oh, this one is a beauty!!! 

As I sit with this energy today, I feel a rush of excitement and newness! There is also this swirling vortex of the past, present and future standing right in our vision today..... So much wisdom is building in us! All I can say is WOW!

I have noticed some major themes surrounding this transformative time and I wanted to share them with you! 

  • Simplicity - It is time to let all the excess go! Anything causing clutter in your physical and mental space is ready to be cleared out. Bring close to you, only things that make you feel happy and peaceful. Let the weight go!

  • Be right here - Every moment your living right now, is actually your future....The energy you put into everyday, builds the days to come! It is time to put as much love and effort into this very moment, as you put into the daydreams you hope to accomplish some day!

  • See your denial with love - See the fears hidden in your denial and love the shit out them. Everyone lives with some level of denial in their lives.... We have fears, we are human. When you are ready to see the denial for what it really is, you can learn and grow beyond your wildest dreams!

  •  Self Criticism/Judgement - Loosen the grip and breathe. Nobody is more harsh on you, than you. Yes, you may have picked it up from someone else, but you have kept it snuggled in close for too long. Perfection doesn’t exist in all of our minds the same way, therefore nothing can be perfect the way the ego sees it. Give yourself some compassion and be free.

  •  Vulnerability - The protective walls may be starting to suffocate you. Is your protection actually hurting you? This golden nugget came through me the other night... “Vulnerability is the absolute form for safety. When embodied in its full expression, there is nothing left to protect.” Your protection may be disguised as something that feels entirely different. Look close, lower the walls and let love in.

  •  Break the rules of life and be you - You do not have to follow any specific timeline for how life is “supposed” to look. Let go of others views and allow your heart to lead the way. There is no real milestone timelines! Love, beauty and adventure can enter your life at any stage. When you stop trying to achieve the rules of others, true happiness will flourish.

  •  Trust your path - Even when you don’t know what’s next or have clarity in your current moment, you can still trust in yourself and in the universe. Contrary to what the outside world says, you don’t always have to have a plan. Some of the greatest ideas and creative expressions come shortly after feeling lost and confused.... Let go of the rigid and controlled thoughts and believe in the unseen! You have a whole team in spirit, guiding and rooting for your rise! (As Oprah would say)

  •  You are not what happened to you - The things that have taken place in the past, can easily become our identity, however that is the farthest thing from the truth. The things you have been through, are just a temporary experience in time. Yes, they may have been so painful and traumatic, but they are not you. You have the power to change the energy you are holding from the past, by what you do with it today. Ask yourself, how can the pain turn into my wisdom?

  • My body is mine - Look at your physical form and truly feel it. This body, your body is yours for this whole lifetime. How do you wish to live in it? What you decide to do with it, matters greatly, at the overall quality of life. How do you speak about it? How do you feed it? How do you move it? Only you can decide, how you get to feel in it. I love what Abraham Hicks says about physical pain. “You can either choose to feel hopeless or hopeful.” We don’t get it perfect, but just you choosing to make it a priority, is enough to change the course of how you feel in this life.

  •  Create new security - It is time to re-frame your life and resources. This means, money, material items and even people. Do you only feel safe, secure and nurtured when these things are booming and when they are not, you immediately go into panic mode? This is a time to revisit some old family patterns and see if they are actually serving you. Sure, we all would like our material needs met, but if those are the only things that create that feeling for you, you may be on an endless climb. Feel safe knowing you have infinite resources available to you. They may look and feel different than you are used to, but they are there. Ask, to see things differently and you will!

These are the themes I have received, beauties! 

 Happy Full Moon Blessings To You!

Love, Tara 



Written by: Tara Kelsey

Intuitive Life Coach & Speaker