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5 Tips To Prep Your Energy


Over the years, I have learned so many energy tips, tools and techniques from teachers, books and yes, even blog posts, but nothing has been as powerful as energy intention and preparation.

Being an empathic woman, I know exactly what it feels like to be nervous, anxious, overwhelmed and depleted. This was my life for so many years, and even still, today I have to be aware of my energy field. I can easily, melt into the energies of the outside world.

I want to share with you, some of my favorite go to modern day spiritual practices that help me to prep, my energy before I leave my house and get out into the world. You will feel so good and free, when you take this intentional time for yourself.

Wake Up Softly & Be Grateful

I used to be the woman, that would fly out of bed, the second my alarm clock would send echos through my house. It was like, I was jumping out of bed to put out a fire. Holy smokes, was it stressful. Now, I practice a more gentle approach. First, I changed my alarm clock tone and then I set it a little earlier than I needed to be up. You may be thinking, this sets up the opportunity to snooze it, right? but I didn’t. I was intentional that I would set it earlier, so I could open my eyes, stretch and lay for a moment, soaking in the first few moments of the day. I even began incorporating gratitude in my morning waking ritual and it has made a magical difference in the start of my days. I lay in bed, with my hand on my heart and list off all the things I am grateful for!

Leave The Phone On The Charger & Ground That Energy

In a world of busy technology, we are so quick to pick up our phones, right when we wake up to check emails, social media and the news. I recommend giving yourself 10 to 30 mins of your own quite time in the morning, before starting the race and diving into the energy of the outside world. I learned this from the beautiful Mel Robbins and it has been an absolute game changer in my energy prep! When you are so busy from the moment you wake up, you can easily step out of your current moment. Ground your energy first, and be in the here and now. Let the world be busy, You don’t always have to be in it. Give yourself these early moments to set yourself up for success.

Self Check & Process Your Emotions

This one is one of my favorites! If you know what you are feeling, then it is easy to navigate the energy outside of you. Many of us, are so use to jumping into our fast paced and focused auto pilot, we can at times, climb right over our own emotional space, with the attitude of “ I don’t have time for this shit!” However, this is one of the most important spaces we have within ourselves. I’m not always perfect with this one, but I do my best to check in with ME, before heading out for the day. It may look like writing out, in my journal how or even sitting quietly outside, soaking in the sun and listening to what my emotions are telling me. When you know what you are sitting with, then you will understand what is yours.

Meditate & Find Your Own Flow

One of the most powerful practices you can do for yourself, is meditation. I can tell you, that this isn’t always the easiest thing for me to do. There are times, the mental chaos is more comfortable, than the calm and quite. It’s funny how are brain works! Meditation carries many different meanings out in the world, and sometimes is just flat out intimidating, however, you have the ability to create a mediation practice that is unique to you. You do not have to follow what you have seen, you just need to listen within. Meditation practices are not limited to sitting cross legged or those gorgeous sunset yoga poses. You can literally meditate anywhere… sitting up or laying down, in athletic pants or jeans, in nature or in your car. This is your practice and therefore, follow your own flow. Connect with your breathe and center yourself.

Be Intentional & Honor Yourself

How do you wish to start your day? where are you putting your focus? What kinds of thoughts are you thinking about? These are things I often ask myself and I make my intention to ensure that I am honoring my heart and inner desires. This may look like, not going to the busy places that cause me stress for that day, or It may look like me being aware of my boundaries and clearly communicating with someone what those are. What it is about for me, is ensuring that I am creating actions that hold true for my inner desires. If I want love, then I have to be it. If I want kindness, then I have to share it. If I opportunity, then I have to be open for it. This will hold something special for you, because you have your own unique essence, but clear what it is for you and act from that place.

Some other great tips to prep your energy are:



Using and carrying crystals

Sitting outside in nature

Eating clean and fresh food

Drink lots of water

Use essential oils / flower essences

Shield your energy

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Wishing you amazing energy, Tara


Written by: Tara Kelsey  Intuitive Life Coach & Speaker   www.tarakelsey.com

Written by: Tara Kelsey

Intuitive Life Coach & Speaker