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3 Simple Energy Tools for Empaths

Image from pixabay

Image from pixabay

Empaths and Highly sensitive people easily connect to all kinds of energy, sometimes it can be overwhelming and exhausting processing all that energy. Being an empath myself, I understand the roller coaster of absorbing other peoples energy on a daily basis. Over the years, I have learned some great easy techniques to support me with energy and I would love to share them with you!

Bring that aura in close for a hug!

I learned this technique long ago and it has been a serious go to, when I am feeling overwhelmed. I know an aura scoop is needed when my mind is scattered and my emotions are bouncing around. You can try this, anytime you feel this way or just feel stepped out a bit. First, take in a few nice deep cleansing breath and imagine that you scooping your aura from around you and bring in close to you. I like to even physically stretch my arms out and scoop close to my heart, if gives a more amplified effect for me. ( You may or may not want to do this is public.) Feel how safe, comforted and grounded you feel as you bring that baby in. I love this so much.

Drop it like it’s hot!

Okay, so you may not be dropping that booty to the floor, but you can definitely drop energy any time, any place. I love this trick, anytime, that I have noticed that I have picked up someone’s energy. This can be in the form of physical feelings, moods and even thoughts. I have learned over the years to pay close attention to the subtle shifts in energy and so when I notice that I have picked up, what is not mine, I drop it. Here is how you do it. If you encounter a situation, where you have clearly picked up on anothers persons energy, and you do not want to keep it, you can imagine you are holding it in your hands and you just let it go. Bam! Just like that. You just drop it out of your hands and you are done.It works quickly and the more you practice, the easier is becomes. You will also find that you, become more in tune with your own energy over time, from using this practice.

Another trick I also use from time to time, is grounding energy through my body, especially if I am really effected by it. I visualize where the energy is in my body and I send that energy down my body and into the ground for mother earth to cleanse and recycle the energy. This is great too and can really help calm your energy.

Put that super hero shield up!

Now, you would think that I would of talked about this first, but I actually don’t use this as much as I did at the beginning of my journey. Shielding is wonderful for anyone that is just learning about their empathic abilities. It is great to help you learn without getting overwhelmed. This is also a great technique for kids. Almost every child I have worked with, loves to create their own special bubble! Shielding for me is a mixture of visualization and intention. You can imagine that you have a beautiful energy bubble around you, before you leave the house or are entering into a really busy space. This energy bubble can be any color that you would like. After you visualize your bubble, you may want to add an intention like, “This is my energy bubble and my energy is safe in my bubble, anyone else’s energy bounces off my bubble.” That is it! You can place a bubble around you anytime you would like.

For me personally, I actively work on lifting my vibration, before leaving for the day, so I do not absorb any harsh energies that overwhelm me. I have found that getting out ahead of energy really works wonders, however having some energy tools in my back pocket, still comes in handy.

I will write about how to prep your energy with high vibration soon! Keep an eye out!

I hope you enjoyed this blog with 3 simple techniques you can use as an empath!

Oooodles of love, Tara