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Spring Align & Shine


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Shift and Shine


Oh my goodness!!! Ladies! I am offering for one week only, the chance to connect with me for an energetic shift!

This is offer is for ladies, that feel stuck, blocked or lost in a particular area of life. This is not a psychic reading. This is a TRUE shifting of energy!

Locate the belief you have and transform it!

How this works:

  1. Sign up and receive the welcome email

  2. Respond to welcome email with your energetic block

    (Be as clear and simple as possible)

    - Example: I would like to make $5,000 in my business this month, but I feel stuck in what product or service to offer.

    - Example: I would like new friends to come into my life that are loving and kind. How do I call these new friends into my life?

  3. Please give 72 hours to receive your voice message through email, with the energetic support and guidance .

    • I will connect with your energy field and identify, where the energy is being held and provide energetic support for transition. I work with your higher-self and my guides/ angels to locate the energy and provide any guidance to help you step forward in your life!

    • ( The guidance provided will include you, working through your energy with writing, movement, meditation and other actions suggested to create the shift) We work together to create the shift! You must be willing to do your part. : )


Are you ready to shift?

Your intention is powerful, babe!!! I will help open the door, but you must be willing to walk through it! Inspired action creates incredible change!!!

I have only 10 spots open for this deal, for one week only!

Is one of these, yours?

Claim your spot today, and get ready to step into some brand new energy for you!!!!

This deal is only available until 04/19/19

*Please note that all purchases made are 100% Non-Refundable

  • Please see the disclaimer below for additional information about purchasing.


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