Tara Kelsey

Perceiving You

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2 day Online Event


Are you ready to see your life through different eyes?

You have the ability to shift and expand on any subject you wish! 

Join Tara Kelsey and Joanne Duncan for a insightful inner journey of self.

Come join us

July 19th and 20th

1:00pm mst.

This beautiful and expansive event, will take place in a private FB group, on both days!

The replay of the LIVE videos, will be available for both days!

Here is what we will expand on during our two days together:

  • Exploring your vibrational entrance into this life, making sense of your struggles and pain early on
  • Shifting your perception in all areas of your life (love, money, career) / Changing the vibration, even in a small way, changes your life
  • Understanding the reality you create, with the rules that you allow and follow
  • Finding your process, between honoring your emotions and shifting them
  • Stepping into the energy creator, in your life
  • Bringing vibrational awareness into your daily experience and making a new way

Tara and Joanne will answer questions live, as well as read energy and channel in the group, both days!

Both days will have live one hour teachings, with an additional 30 minute Q&A with  energy connections!

(They will connect with as many ladies as possible during this time)

  You must be LIVE for this connection!

Guess what else!?!

You will receive access to Tara Kelsey's private FB group, The Soul Shine Sisterhood.... and you get to stay forever!!! 

The Soul Shine Sisterhood, in next level connection! In this powerful group, you can connect with kindred spirit sisters, share and grow together!!! 

Omg! Come join us!!! 

You will be added the Soul Shine Sisterhood, the day you sign up!




Perceiving YOU

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