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Spring Into Soul

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Spring into the sweetest of the life

My 3-part audio, awakening series, is here to support the inner YOU!

There are times in our life when we feel so uncertain, alone and confused, This experience can create isolation and sadness, but the truth is, we are never alone in our lives.

Actually in the times you feel lost, you are most likely on the cusp of being found again!

“We have beautiful seasons in our lives, just like in nature, an amazing ebb and flow in life. It is all equally important.” - Tara


Cleanse. Renew. Rise. Shine.

You have so much within you, babe! So much ready to release and so much ready to come in. You do not have to hold on to things from the past any longer. You can decide it is time to step powerfully into the sunshine and feel the light again!


Set forth your Spring Intention for your life and come experience a multi-layered energetic experience, that will bring YOU back to YOU!

What my clients say about my meditations…

“Absolutely love the meditations!!..loving you and all you do for this world!” - Jennelle

“I just feel so deeply connected and I feel like you are part of that connection for me and I’m so grateful. I feel like this week is going to bring something amazing. So much is opening up to me now! Thank you.” - Laura

“Omg, had the most amazing experience, bawled my eyes out the whole time!!! I literally saw my soul, in all her beauty, the texture, beauty, love, dancing, it was so beautiful, the sense of freedom, flowing movement, ahhh! - Jennelle

“This was absolutely incredible, thank you...just glorious” - Patricia


Spring Into Soul


Here is what is included:

  • 3 audio guided meditations/ energetic attunements

    • Cleanse the energy body and Chakras, releasing old energy and patterns

    • Opening and infusing your body with new light and beautiful energy

    • Activating your inner magic and aligning with higher-self

  • Emailed energy message along with your recorded audio

    • This message with correlate with each guided meditation, which can include recommendations and writing for you

    • I will suggest extra energetic care, during the healing series

You will receive a guided meditation in a 3 -part series, staring April 10th. This attunement will take place over a 6 day period. One meditation, day 1, 3 and 6. I ask that you complete the healing/ attunement series in the order and on the days sent. This is to ensure that you have a beautiful energetic flow during the sessions and receive the most benefit. You will have until May 1st to complete your healing series.

Rise to new heights

Here is what you may experience:

  • An inner healing (Release of old experiences)

  • Clarity and “aha” moments about your life

  • Heighten awareness of your self and others

  • Recognition of your soul voice and intuition

  • Overall relaxation and rejuvenation

  • The unfolding of beautiful spiritual gifts

  • Witnessing divine synchronicities and messages

  • Feeling magnificent joy and love

  • Forgiveness of self and others

  • Feeling alive in all your senses

  • Feeling in-tune with the universe

  • Your dreams manifesting

  • Inspired ideas, that lead to inspired action

  • New and activated creativity

  • Connection with your angelic team

  • Deep peace and contentment

  • Results are not guaranteed and you may or may not experience one or all of the items listed above. This also depends on your own vibration and inner intention. Release harsh expectations for yourself and be present for yourself during the series. Allow whatever comes up for you, to come up and experience it. The magic is in your now moment.

This energy healing/ attunement is a session that is completed with you. Our higher-selves will work together, through energy to provide you the absolute highest level of love you are ready to receive.


April Love is Here for You!

Receive some energetic support for your new beginning today!

Say “Yes!” to you!!!

Spring Into Soul

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