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The Empath

I learned several years ago, I was an empath and as nice as it was to make sense of things, I didn’t feel that great about it. To be honest, It felt really sucky to me. I kind of felt shorted in some way…. Like, really? This is the gift, I have? Ughh!!! I didn’t want it at all! It truly felt like I was doomed in pain forever.

After much research online and even skimming through books, I began to feel even worse about it…. All the articles were about the depressed, anxious and toxic situations that an empaths life is filled with…. what in the hell!? I finally had to stop reading about it. It didn’t make sense to me, that it was this magical gift, but nobody stated the benefits…sure we can connect with others and help them heal, meanwhile we are just a suffering puddle of tears! gahhh!!!

I said “No!”

This is when I began to dive into my own connection. I started to meditate and realized I had a lot of answers within me and from my spirit guides. It wasn’t long after, that the suffering turned into something incredible! I saw what this was all about. It was never about suffering, feeling peoples pain and helping others heal. It was always about the empath healing themselves and helping the world through that experience.

It was like pure freedom, knowing that I wasn’t face with a life sentence of sadness, anxiety and loneliness! I could be happy, excited and feel healthy, while still making the impact in the world, that my heart was deeply desiring for!

Sooooo…. Now I teach this to other women!

My approach always begins with the inner self. What is going on in the empaths heart? What is the fear? Where is the hurt? and then making sense of why the empath attracts the people and situations they do, from that space.

See, when the empath heals themselves, they shift everything! They can begin to attract healthy, happy, creative and fun relationships and build a life that they love! Sure, they will always be sensitive and a helper, but they will not longer leave themselves behind in their own life.

This 5 day event, is all about helping you make sense of your attraction, begin the process to heal some of that and step powerfully into your life as the bad ass woman that you are!!!

Your sensitivity is your super power!!!

The 5 day event, will be held in a private Facebook group! There will be a daily mixture of video and lives everyday. During our time together, I will teach more deeply about this topic and how you can shift your life, by changing your perception and using this energy to your advantage!

This event, will pull up things for you to see and face, so you can begin to be the leader in your life! I ask that only ladies that are ready to do the work, sign up for this event.

This is powerful!!!

Let’s start 2019 off with a bang!!!

The Empath - 5 day event, begins on January 28th and runs until February 1st!

The live schedule will be announced the week of the 21st, but no worries, everything is recorded for you!!!

The Empath