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Brand New for the Summer of 2019

The Empath Mastermind

The principle behind the mastermind, by Nepolean Hill…

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

(This is not your everyday, mastermind! This will be a mixture of highlighted topics through writing and live online calls for wins, goals and hot seat connections)

My heart behind the Mastermind

We come together with the common purpose of creating something incredible within…we choose to give and receive support, as we understand the power of us as ONE. We share our celebrations, our challenges, and ideas in excitement of the growth we will achieve independently and as the greater whole.

A mastermind calls your greatness from the depths of you, through the cracks and allows it to spill over into the world. There is no hiding, when so many see your potential within. Accept what was and step into a brand new world.

Are you ready to walk through a new door?


The Empath Mastermind

Is an 8 week group, aimed at helping you to fully embrace your beautiful sensitivity,while also helping you embody your incredible power to create a life feeling fully ALIVE! This group will highlight some powerful topics for discussion, to help you heal and create brand new energy in your life.

This is your time to receive support from amazing people, as well as provide your experience with others too! A beautiful balance of energy!

We will cover a new topic each week, take a peek

  • Personality/ Skills

  • Voice/ Communication

  • Healing/ Boundaries

  • Movement/ Change

  • Creativity/ Desire

  • Connection/ Intimacy

  • Adventure/ Growth

  • Passion/ Love

You may be thinking what do these topics have to do with being an empath… Well, what happens in your life powerfully impacts your vibration…The way you see, connect and help others, mirrors, who you are on the inside. An Empath in his/her full power, masters their own energy. Once this is done, it creates ripples that touch every heart they encounter. There is magnificent freedom, that is experienced when this is understood and lived first hand.

Let’s shine a light

Each person will get into the “HOT SEAT”! This is where one person takes the center of the group focus and talks about what is in their heart (Dreams, desires, actions ect.) and receives support, guidance and love from the rest of the group. This is a raw and real time, that will help you unravel anything that has been holding you back in your life.

This calls for radical responsibility and self love to share and be ready to receive, the expansion you have been praying for.

(The Hot Seat will be decided, based on sign up dates)

This is an active participation group, that will be hosted by Tara Kelsey. This Mastermind, is different than a class, this group works together to support each other. We will discuss a topic each week and 1-2 people a week, will be in the hot seat!

Are you ready to be apart of something bigger?



Here are the magic deets…

The Empath Mastermind begins Wednesday, 06/26/19

(Pre-work drops, Friday 06/21/19)

We will have live 60 minute ZOOM video calls, every Wednesday @ 7pm mst.

You will be added to a private FB group, for talking points and personal shares! You can also receive additional support over the 2 months, we will be connecting!

*Bring your personal goals weekly

(Limited Seats - Up to 10)

You will receive an email after registration with further details!

Who this is for:

Empathic/ sensitive women, that are ready to not only grow in their personal life, but also want to step into the teacher/leadership role for others. This is for women, that are committed and excited to explore the layers of empathy, through personal development.

Who this isn’t for:

Anyone that is seeking classes about empathy or is interested in psychic readings. This isn’t for women that are not ready to dive deep into their struggles and goals, in a group setting. This also isn’t for someone that doesn’t like to share openly, feedback to others.

Be the change, you want to see in the world.

Bring your whole heart and be ready to witness the FREEDOM!

I have a little special when you sign up!!!

Choose to add a 20 minute psychic session with me, with the purchase of the Mastermind!

Say what, the what?!? Yep!!!

This session will be completed through ZOOM video, You will receive an email, with available call options!

The Empath Mastermind

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