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Live Events

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- Awaken Live -

Turn Up The Volume

April 26th & 27th

San Diego, Ca

The Catamaran Resort & Spa / Mission Bay

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A Transformational 2 day event

  • Have you been searching for joy, everywhere and haven't been able to find anything that lasts?

  • Do you feel lost and uninspired in your life?

  • Do you want to experience a life full of energy, adventure and connection!?

  • Do you question your life purpose?

  • Do you tend to attract people that wear you down and deplete you?

  • Does fear run your life and prevent you from going after what you want?


Girl! I hear you, This was me not too long ago!

I remember just feeling just done… I didn’t want to do the job I was doing, I felt this huge purpose (That I wasn’t living) and I just wanted to finally be happy! It took me, committing to my own self care and finally facing my fears, to show me that there was a whole new life out there for me. I realized that I had insane power and that I really could choose what I wanted to do in the world. No permission, just me choosing! Crazy, right!? But it is true!

You have so much within you, that is ready to be unleashed!!! I ain’t kidding, not one bit!

It isn’t as hard as what it may seem! You most likely just haven’t let yourself see it yet….. Oh, this is my favorite part!!! Ahhhh!!! Nothing compares to witnessing a woman who sees for herself, what she is made of!!! Serious chills!!!

Are you ready for a powerful step forward?

  • If you are done, waiting for your life to change, I WELCOME YOU!!!

  • If you are done, waiting for someone to show up,honey, that is you and I WELCOME YOU!!!

  • If you are done asking for permission, babe, I WELCOME YOU!!!

  • If you are over, watching other people achieve their dreams, while you sit on the sideline, beautiful, you are ready for this, and I WELCOME YOU!!!

  • If you are done giving and giving to everyone, but getting nothing in return, gorgeous you are worthy and I WELCOME YOU!!!

Invest in you and watch how you soar!


Awaken Live, is here to shake you loose…

Transform you in magnificent ways!



 Awaken Live is a highly Interactive Event! You must be ready to show up for you, girl!!!


  • EVENT: AWAKEN - Turn Up the Volume 

  • DATES: 04/26 and 04/27 (Friday and Saturday)

  • LOCATION: The Stunning Catamaran, San Diego, Ca (Mission Bay area, walking distance to all kinds of fun stuff)

  • TIME: 9AM - 3PM (Both Days)

  • FOOD: Light breakfast and lunch will be provided

  • PRICE: $1,111.00 (You must pre-register)

  • VIP SPOTS AVAILABLE: 8 Total Spots available / *ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT*

    *Airline tickets and hotel accommodations, are not included in this event, however we have received a 15% discount off rooms, that are reserved at The Catamaran.

    *Once, you claim, your spot you will receive a welcome email with much more... Including other hotels in the area, including some of my favorite restaurants and some awesome local activities as well!!!

Experience a weekend of beauty and fun!


The beautiful catamaran Resort and spa is located right on Mission Bay, with many rooms, overlooking the water. You can walk right out and enjoy the water or go for a walk or a bike ride. If you are feeling adventurous, You may enjoy renting a paddle board or a kayak. Both are available right outside. The Catamaran also has a highly rated restaurant, The Ocean Coastal Kitchen, right on the property! This beautiful restaurant, also overlooks the water! Views to die for! This stunning resort, takes you into a tropical world, where you feel relaxed and ready to unwind! You will love the abundance of tropical plants and birds!

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Here is what is included:

  • Light breakfast both Friday & Saturday

  • A beautiful lunch both Friday & Saturday

  • An assortment of Teas and Juices throughout the day

  • A workbook and pen for taking notes and writing throughout the workshop

  • An amazing VIP gift bag filled with an array of goodies for you!

  • A special night of dancing on the Bahia Belle boat cruise, Saturday night!

  • Workshop retreat discounts on a class or a 1:1 private coaching package

  • And……. The most amazing opportunity to connect with your soul sisters, for a weekend of love and fun!!!

Wait!!! There is more!!! Eeeeeeee….

  • There will also be energetic healing attunements provided by, one of my very best friends and one of the most incredible healers, I know, Joanne Duncan! She uses a combination of tuning forks, along with channeling healing from the celestial realm. She is amazing!

  • You will also receive an amazing past life connection, by one of my special guests! I cannot wait for you to meet her! She is a beautiful clairvoyant messenger and guide! It is going to be so much fun!!!!

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Here is what you will be supported with during our two magnificent days together!

  • Clarity of your deepest fears and where they came from

  • Understanding of the thoughts and beliefs that limit movement in your life

  • Clarity about the habits and actions that keep you feeling small

  • A new love for yourself and your life story

  • A strong voice that expresses emotion and passion with confidence

  • An understanding and implementation of boundaries and self love in your life

  • An intuitive trust in yourself, that is unbreakable

  • Belief in your own ideas and creativity without validation of others

  • A playfulness, that allows you to co-create magical experiences with the universe

  • An embodiment of deep wisdom and connection

  • Witness of your own inner power and strength

  • A fresh outlook on your life purpose and excitement to step fully into it

  • An action plan, with tangible steps to create a brand new adventure for yourself

  • Soul sisters, a community of women that love and support you the whole way

Wait!!! I have something extra special!!!

When you sign up, you will also receive special discount pricing on a 1:1 coaching package or class! Continue to learn and grow, babe!!!

Get ready to dive deeper into your heart and soul….

You are going to Rise and Shine, babe!!!


Come just as you are, but be ready, with an open heart to push through your fears and see a brand new perspective of YOU!!!

You will be welcomed, by other beautiful hearts, coming together with a common intention!!! Let’s connect with ourselves and our soul sisters!!!

This work will show you the layers of you, both human and spirit…

Beautifully Blended to make you!


Is this yours?

Register Today and dance, girl!!! You just committed to you!!! Woot! Woot!

  • All payments must be received, no later than 04/19/19

  • All purchases for the event, are 100% non -refundable.

  • You will receive a retreat welcome email at the time of sign up


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