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The Empath Elevated

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Are you ready to create a life you envision?

The Empath is a creative queen! She can create and destroy anything that she chooses!

Let’s take our brushes and paint a brand new picture!

You have a blank canvas, what do you desire?

Do you desire new relationships, a new job, new life experiences and more freedom?

Then, come on over!!! You are the artist of your life, babe!!!

We have moved through your vibrational entrance into this life, we have seen where we came from and allowed ourselves to see the bigger picture of the past, but what about now and moving forward??? How do we create new energy for joy to enter?

Choices, is how!!!

We get to step into our lives, and make choices NOW, that honor our NOW instead of the old stories, keeping us on auto pilot!

Be an active participant in your own life!

An Empathic woman has this incredible power to manifest life quickly, when she is all in!!!

Do you want to go all in?


The Empath Elevated,

Is going to support your dream of consciously creating a life from the inside out!

In this 5 day online class, we are going to cover how the empath can use the past to create a brand new beginning! Transforming painful situations, into powerful experiences of growth and expansion.

Here are the things we will cover:

  • Shifting from old stories to new and implementing them

  • Allowing your soul voice to show you, your potential

  • Learning to use your sensitivity for something bigger

  • Creating anything you want, by committing to you and stepping in

  • Becoming best friends with your ego , during times of change

  • Embracing the wobbly legs of a new life

Something Else

You will also receive a guided meditation, to support your journey of stepping into the soul voice. Hear your soul speak to you, babe!!!

This will be delivered on 03/10

(The day before class begins)


*Please Note*
The Empath Elevated is only for ladies that took the first Empath event!

This class is a little more extensive than the last event. I truly hope you enjoy!

The Empath - 5 day event, begins on March 11th and runs until March 15th!

The live schedule will be announced the week of the 4th, but no worries, everything is recorded for you!!!

So excited to connect with you all, again!!!

Let’s get to creating a wildly amazing life!

Register today, babe!

The Empath Elevated

*Please note, that all events are 100% Non- refundable. If you wish to donate your spot, please contact me at tarakelseymail@gmail.com


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