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Remember Your Magic

Have you ever wondered if you have spiritual gifts?

Have you always experienced psychic events in your life, but your not exactly sure what it is all about?

Guess What?



Times are changing… Can you feel it?

They truly are…. As our consciousness rises, our intuition and psychic abilities are hitting an all time high. Our empathy as a whole is increasing on beautiful but intense levels. Many are experiencing these changes and feel confused and even nervous. There is no need to fear, babe! These are, our natural gifts. There is nothing woo woo or weird about them. We came to connect on a soulful level, which means our soul senses, need to be activated!

Are you feeling the call?

Another theme, that is coming in for each one of us, is an amazing curiosity about the MORE! What is beyond this physical life? Where do we come from? Can we really speak to the universe, angels and even deceased loved ones?


I felt the call a little over 6 years ago! It didn’t come, like you would have thought. I was led to this path of inner soul discovery, after a nervous breakdown. My inner world was crashing down, after I experienced 3 miscarriages. I felt completely empty, right before I discovered my connection and gifts. The one thing I truly believe in that, your soul is always calling you back to the real you!

Nothing is a coincidence, only a divine synchronicity!

I am now a professional Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Teacher.

My background is in energy work, psychic mediumship and coaching. I have been supporting women for 6 years now and I absolutely love it! It is my soul work and passion!

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Do you want to remember the real you?

I say remember, because I don’t believe that we are actually doing anything in this lifetime, that we haven’t done in other lifetimes. We are simply remembering our connection to the universe and stepping in our gifts again. This time, with the intention of creating a greater connection to each other.

You will know if you ready to remember, when your interests turn deeply inward. When the questions you have, fuel you to seek! This is your sign!

I like to think our souls are like “Hey, girl, hey!!! I am right here!”

(Insert soul jumping up and down with excitement)

If your ready, let’s go!!!

Remember Your Magic is a 4 week program, where we dive into the spiritual/ psychic abilities! This program is all about love and high vibrations!

I am a teacher and a forever student! I largely teach from my own experience, which is almost always, a hilarious adventure!!!

I use my own gifts and spiritual connection, during my classes to guide and support you to remember, the magical and divine being that you are!

This isn’t a boring class of “follow my steps and this is how you do this.” I always encourage my fellow light working sisters, to connect with their own inner magic and brilliance!

You know more about you, than I do!

In this class, you will learn to trust yourself! This is actually one the biggest and most important things in the whole entire universe! TRUST! You have all the gifts and the magic within, but if you don’t trust yourself, then none of it matters! We aim at coming back to center and rebuilding an inner relationship with self, so we can stand powerfully in our truest form.


I have taught over a 100 women about their gifts and many use them, in their profession today! There is no limit to you, babe! You have so much magic inside of you, that is ready to come out, whenever you are ready!!! I can help you with that!

Remember You Magic

4 Week online program to reconnect and remember your magic!

This program will be hosted through a private FB Group and will include notes, guided meditations, games and Live video lessons (These will be available for the replay)

You will receive information and actual, practical application to begin to connect on a deeper soul level. Take what feels good and create the rest!

Here’s The Deets:

Class begins, May 15th- June 5th

(FB Live teachings will be held every wednesday)

  • There will be one FB live a week, featuring each of the topics below. You can ask as many questions, as you would like during the weeks we are together.

  • You will receive guided meditations each week, to support the opening and using of your gifts.

  • You will get weekly notes, as PDF, added to the group each week.

  • I will have One live group zoom call, for group practice. (Between week 2 & 3 TBA.)

  • The group will remain open, for two weeks after the final week.


  • Create a Spiritual Practice

  • Meditation and Gratitude

  • Overview of the psychic clairs and Intuition

  • Identify your connection with the universe

  • The basics of the Chakras

  • Boundaries and High Vibration


  • Understand your own vibration/ Healing

  • What is a healer and Empathy, the gift of feeling

  • The variety of healing modalities

  • Learn to read energy (people, places, things)

  • Different realms of connection and discernment

  • Building a relationship with your spirit team ( Signs & Symbols)

    *** You will receive one live group zoom call, for psychic practice, between week 2-3 (TBA)***


  • Into to Channeling

  • Intro to Mediumship

  • Oracle and Tarot cards / automatic writing

  • Self- Trust and The Ego

  • The Law of Attraction and manifesting

  • Co - creating new energy and the quantum


  • The importance of your dreams

  • Astral travel and projection

  • Physical changes and sensitivity

  • Crystals

  • Creating your own style

  • Sharing Your gifts


  • Practice week

  • Past lives and the importance to your current life

  • Past life guided meditation and integration

This is an interactive group, so you will be encouraged to share your questions and experiences! I am all about celebrating and cheering each other on!!!


Receive my ascension symptoms checklist and Heart Chakra Guided mediation

One Extra Week

When you sign up for Remember Your Magic, you will get one extra week!!! We will use this week to do all kinds of fun psychic practices, along with one live ZOOM group call!

Yahoo!!! Live calls are the best!

Are you ready to remember your gifts and create a new way of connecting?

Come on over, my beautiful psychic sister!!! We are going to have so much fun!!!

Limited spots available! I love to be able to connect with each person!!!

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Remember Your Magic
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Remember Your Magic
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3after 2 months $175.00 USD
Total $525.00 USD
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