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Hey there beautiful! Thank you for your interest in my classes! Here you will find a variety of fun and interactive classes and events, that I teach every month! Please take a look around and let me know if you have any questions at all! I am so happy your here! I truly cannot wait to connect with you!!!

So much love, Tara





Wednesday, January 24th

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Are you ready to align with your higher self and co-create signs and magic all around you?

This amazing class is filled with all kinds of amazing awareness an discovery!!! 

You have an insane amount of co -creative power
— Tara

Move out of a FEAR and jump into LOVE!

When you bring awareness to the energy you are operating from, life can change instantly!!!

Tap into your amazing intuitive nudges and soar!

Come on over, beautiful!!!

This beautiful class, is 4 weeks long, with one LIVE class a week!

And..... Each class is recorded, just for you! 

So, don't worry if you miss a class, you will get each one emailed to you! I got you covered, girl!!!

Also, I will include PDF writing prompts and affirmations for you weekly!!! YAHOOO!!!!



Wednesday, January 24th - February 14th

7:00pm MST. Via ZOOM video call  


  • Intuition (What comes through this 6th sense?)
  • Bringing awareness to your daily energy (What are you attracting?)
  • Tuning into and understanding your intuitive guidance 
  • Learn the difference between your ego and soul voice
  • Manifesting with spirit (Ask, believe and receive)
  • Divine validation, that you are on the right path with signs & symbol
  • Finding your sweet spot in the flow
  • Trusting the flow (Surrender and Soar)
  • Connecting with your playful inner child 
  • Learn to allow the new, by practicing your receiving power
  • Following your inner calling (soul purpose)
  • Healing and life changes from here


The class will receive a distant energy upgrade from yours truly! 

I will cleanse and clear energy and we will get you all ready to receive all the amazing new energy, you have been praying for!!!

I am sooooooooo excited to connect with you all!!! 



When you sign up for this class, you will receive access to my  private Facebook group, The Soul Shine Sisterhood! 

Oh my gosh!!! I cannot say enough about this fabulous and incredible group of ladies! For reals!!! There is so much love, support, joy and sisterhood! It is definitely a must have on your spiritual journey! 

Plus..... In this group you get a lot of free stuff, like channeling, readings and teachings! Yeah! So fun!!!  

Come on over, sister! We welcome you!

Registration is now open! Sign up today! 

See how good it feels to fully align with all the beauty and magic within!

Signs and Soul Whispers

*Please note: All classes are 100% nonrefundable, but they are transferrable, so please consider donating. Thank you!


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